The first blockchain-based taxi service

We want to introduce a taxi-ordering platform to the market, which will cover needs of all passenger and driver segments — price seekers, customers with high quality standards, drivers who are not happy with trip prices they receive and all taxi industry participants who are forced to use different apps.

Commercial launch is planned for January 2019 in CIS countries, with later targets to expand to other regions in 2021.

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Today it is common that a taxi aggregator is determining a price for the ride. Hence, we see companies with different reputation – cheap ones and with bad cars, luxury and expensive, someone in between with average prices and quality. All of them hold different market segments – passenger and drivers are forced to use different companies and often compare fares to find a proposition that suits them.

A driver with a cheap car and no city knowledge will not be able to work for Uber or Gett due to their requirements, and will be forced to join some less known aggregator company, without mobile app. A passenger who usually chooses an average fare rides will someday be willing to wait a little bit longer or use less comfortable interior for a lower price. All of this situations cause lost revenue to companies who don’t provide flexible solutions.

All of this situations cause lost revenue to companies who don’t provide flexible solutions.


We want to create a service where we honestly can say – we can provide a great ride with an average price and minimal waiting time. We can send a luxury SUV to you for a little bit extra.

We can provide the cheapest fare on the market, admitting that the passenger will need to sacrifice other qualities of the trip.

How it Works

Merge of all customer segments will be achieved by transferring fare determination to the customers and creating an open flexible platform, achieving natural equilibrium between supply and demand in taxi market. ITC is happy for all types of passengers and drivers.

For Passengers

Wide range of prices – from the cheapest one on the market to luxury requests
Flexible payment options, including credit card, cash and crypto
Low average ride fare comparing to competitors
Personalized offers and discounts
Fast cab search and pick up time
Rating and achievement system

For Drivers

Low aggregator commission
Simple registration process
Payment in the same day with the ride
Discounts from partnering car services and gas stations
Multiple map platform
Suitable for all drivers (no minimal car price or license required)




Closed pre sale, Nov 2017 - Jan 2018 50% discount, 0.150 USD/Token

Q3 — Q4

Ordering system



Price and time estimation menu


Ordering system


Passenger and driver rating
Advanced booking tab


Quick destinations
Support chat



Support for multiple map platforms

Orders for specific time


Other crypto currencies support

Multiple destination trips


Web portal for orders

Real time tracking of the cab and passenger


Smart insurance

Call taxi for a friend


Q1 — Q2

Commercial launch in cities over 1 mln population

Presence in 18 cities total


3.7 M application downloads


3.3% online taxi market share, by orders quantity

Token Sale

A total of 200mln ITC tokens is pre-issued, 180 of which will be sold in 2018.

ICO will be conducted in 3 stages – closed pre-sale for large investors, as of May 2018 – 26 mln of tokens are already sold out

Public pre-sale which is expected to launch in September 2018

Public sale which will take place in November of 2018

All unsold tokens during each stage will be transferred to “Reserved by company” pool

ITC token is based on stellar platform. Its infrastructure helps to facilitate cross-transfer value assets, including payments.

Thanks to a single integration in Stellar Network, all participants - people, payment networks or banks - have equal access and participation in the economy.

80 M

Closed Pre sale,
Feb 23 - Sep 15, 2018
0.4 USD/Token

60 M

Public Pre sale,
Sep 16 - Nov 18, 2018
1.2 USD/Token

40 M

Public sale
Nov 19 - Dec 31, 2018
2.4 USD/Token


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